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Project Name: 6 Story Residential Building, New South Wales
Industry: Residential Development

The project consisted of six multi-level residential buildings constructed using the Logic Wall Panel from AFS. The successful Helix solutions for the 150 and 162 AFS walls included a Helix dosage of 8kg/m3, replacing the N12 bars at 400mm each way. Starter bars remained at the bottom of the wall and were simply placed at the top of the wall once the concrete had been poured.

This project was a huge success as Helix was able to replace the majority of the reinforcement, in particular the horizontal bars, which can be costly and time consuming to place. The risk associated with placing these bars was also reduced, as they can be a major safety hazard on site. In the end the client was able to save roughly one month off their project timeline, resulting in significant cost savings.