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Infinity Slab removes the need for saw cut joints whilst reducing the slab thickness by 20%.

Construction joints are governed by what can safely be poured and finished by the concrete contractor and not by restraint, posts or typical joint spacing. Besides the aesthetic burden that joints carry with them, other issues such as cracking, excessive maintenance and low durability all contribute to the growing need for a reliable jointless slab design.

The Helix Infinity Slab reduces these burdens and the problems they cause, including the loss of production time for repairs and excessive ongoing maintenance costs. The Helix Infinity Slab can be applied in any situation that requires few joints, minimal cracking, less maintenance and next-level durability.










What’s behind an Infinity Slab design?

The design philosophy behind the Helix Infinity Slab rests on three underlying foundations:

    • Elastic slab design is the safest, most durable design approach for a slab on ground.
    • Joints can be eliminated using Helix Infinity Slab design that provides the equivalent tensile capacity of conventional reinforcement at a ratio of 0.005 as per ACI 360 guidelines for removing joints. This relies on the formation of lightly spaced cracks that limit water ingress and fraying of the surface that is common in joined slabs and leads to slab failure and serviceability problems.
    • Helix provides enhanced material properties that:
  • a. Allow reduced slab thickness through improved modulus of rupture, and;
  • b. Improve the crack pattern and reduce crack widths by working effectively with conventional steel to redistribute the shrinkage stress throughout the section.