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Helix Micro Rebar is designed specifically for concrete strengthening

Helix™ is high performance, optimised steel for use in the reinforcement of concrete. Helix Micro Rebar is short, twisted and polygonal shaped wires that are added to concrete during mixing. The shape and the twist maximise both the frictional and mechanical bonds between Helix Micro Rebar and a cement based matrix. The twist drives the failure mechanism from frictional pullout to a torsional, or untwisting, mode. The result is a radical increase in performance levels not possible before.

How does Micro Rebar make concrete stronger?

Helix Micro Rebar and its unique twist, is unlike any reinforcement and a substantial improvement over fibres of any type. When concrete is stressed or bent, a straight fiber will slide out smoothly with minimal friction – so the force required for it to pullout is generally small. Adding deformation, like a hooked end or corrugation, adds friction and increases force required to pull it out, but only incrementally. Concrete strengthening is now easier to achieve than ever before.

Helix Micro Rebar’s  rectangular cross sectional shape and twist increases the frictional resistance – try removing a corkscrew from a cork without twisting it. Each Helix Micro Rebar locks like a tiny screw, instead of slipping like a nail.

But the additional force required is so large that it changes the failure mechanism from simply pulling out to a torsional or untwisting mode – Helix Micro Rebar must actually untwist before it fails. This requires considerably more energy than mere frictional pullout and results in a fundamental increase in performance to levels never before possible. And with Helix Micro Rebar, the further you bend, the stronger it gets since the required energy to untwist becomes even greater. Helix Micro Rebar makes concrete strengthening easier to achieve than ever before.

Design Considerations:

The application determines the Helix Micro Rebar dosage. The number of pieces and the efficiency are key drivers of composite (Helix Micro Rebar + concrete) performance. Because the failure mechanism is different, typical fibre performance formulas (ex. aspect ratio, length and Re3) are not applicable.

Helix Micro Rebar has undergone extensive laboratory and field-testing; more than 10,000 tests over ten years.

What is Helix Micro Rebar?

Helix Micro Rebar is not a steel fibre; instead is a replacement for rebar. Helix Micro Rebar has a tensile strength over four times stronger than standard rebar. It will not rust or corrode due to its zinc coating. It can be used in almost any situation that rebar is used as a replacement for rebar.

Replacing rebar or mesh with Helix Micro Rebar has many quantifiable benefits:
  • Improved crack resistance
  • Increased durability
  • Improved shear strength
  • Easy placing and finishing
  • Improved worker safety
  • Streamlined timeline/logistics
  • Better concrete product
  • Direct/Indirect cost savings (20% or more)

Helix Twisted Steel Micro Rebar (TSMR) provides Proactive Reinforcement since unlike rebar, and other forms of reinforcement, it engages the material before it actually fails. This enhances the concrete’s ductility, durability, and toughness.

Helix Micro Rebar Applications:

Please note Micro Rebar is not restricted to the following list of Micro Rebar applications, indeed Micro Rebar can be used in any application, from structural foundations, to slabs, to suspended structural concrete, to paving, Helix Micro Rebar will increase the strength and durability of concrete.

  • Structural Walls
  • Structural Floors
  • Foundations
  • Piles/Piers
  • Beams/Columns
  • Shotcrete
  • Tunnelling
  • Paving
  • Precast
  • Flatwork
  • Any Project that Requires Rebar

For more information about Helix Micro Rebar applications or to discuss your next project please contact our representative from your state, these details can be found on our contact us page.

Helix Micro Rebar Comparisons

We have dedicated a page on the comparisons between Micro Rebar vs Steel Fibre and also a page on the comparisons between Micro Rebar and Rebar/Mesh please take your time to read this valuable information.