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Project Name: Warehouses
Industry: Commercial/Industrial

The director of a building company specialising in warehouse construction has recently expressed his enthusiasm and excitement for Helix. He shared that the use of Helix Micro-Rebar has benefited his company in the following areas:

  • Slab construction time dramatically lowered from 4 weeks to 1 week
  • Savings of over 20% by eliminating steel placing and delivery costs
  • Superior finish
  • Resultant increased cash flow

He said his company is actively pursuing innovation, winning projects in their market area by utilising Helix Micro-Rebar designs. The company’s decision has demonstrably impacted on their service and delivery timelines, thus putting them ahead of their competition.

His building company is working with their engineers to specify Helix Micro-Rebar in their designs. The result is clients that are pleased with the resulting quality and cost benefits of their decision to migrate from conventional reinforcement.

This video gives a good overview of the use of Helix TSMR in warehouse slabs.