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Warehouse Qld
Project Name: Warehouses
Industry: Commercial/Industrial

Helix Micro-Rebar recently completed this warehouse project, pouring the internal and external slabs in only one week.

Original Warehouse Design

The project was originally to be constructed with 32MPa concrete at a slab thickness of 150mm, and reinforced with 1 layer of SL82 mesh.

Helix Alternative Design

Helix provided 2 alternative solutions:
Option 1: Eliminated all steel placing through the use of a 6kg/m3 dosage of Helix Micro-Rebar with 6m square saw cuts.
Option 2: Increasing the dosage of Helix to 10kg/m3 resulting in the reduction of slab thickness to 125mm thick with the potential of larger saw cuts, thus reducing the construction cost of the warehouse slab even further.

Benefits of Using Helix Micro-Rebar

The latter option reduced the traffic of concrete trucks on-site resulting in increased cost savings and reduced construction time. In addition, this design dramatically increased the shear resistance of the slab. Because the reinforcement is now present everywhere in the slab, and not just confined to a two-part system, the Helix Micro-Rebar allows the energy and forces exerted on the slab to be spread evenly across the whole section. It also reduces the formation of a dominant crack because the localised forces are now absorbed across the whole warehouse slab.

A 150mm thick Helix Micro-Rebar reinforced slab will typically provide a 20% saving over the placement and delivery of conventional mesh reinforcement. This is due to a combination of less steel required, no need for bar chairs and ties, and often the need for a pump is eliminated because the Helix Micro-Rebar reinforced concrete can be poured straight from the back of an agitator truck. The construction process is considerably simplified because the formwork for the warehouse slab area can be installed and the moisture barrier can be laid just before the concrete is poured.

Other Warehouse Elements

Helix is also very suited to tilt-panel construction. Helix designs replaces all mesh in these panels with only one bar central; mainly to control lifting moments; and N12 around the edges and penetrations.

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