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Underground roads and footings
Project Name: Central Queensland Mine
Industry: Mining

Helix has been used, on an ongoing basis, by one of Australia’s biggest mining companies. With over 5 years experience, there is only one choice for concrete reinforcement – Helix Micro Rebar.

Mesh and rebar has been replaced with Helix Micro Rebar for the underground roads and conveyor drive-head footings.

Helix Solution – Underground Roads

Helix Micro Rebar replaced all of the rebar and mesh reinforcement in the underground roads. The result was stronger concrete with improved first crack strength, greater durability and more shear strength.

No more placing steel in confined, wet and uneven environments. No more waiting for steel to arrive on site or having to allocate equipment to cart the steel underground.

The Helix is simply mix into the truck at the batching plant and delivered to site in the concrete.

The use of Helix has resulted in improved site safety, reduced project schedules and significant cost savings.

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