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Solving the problem of installing topping slabs with variable thickness

Topping slabs, sometimes also referred to as screed, are notoriously difficult to place, especially when it is applied to an area with varying thicknesses. The first challenge to overcome is to achieve the minimum 40mm coverage to comply with AS 3600. Another challenge arises from placing the correct size of reinforcement, usually wire mesh, appropriate for the changing section thicknesses. It is not uncommon to see a topping slab with SL72 laid in one area, and SL82 to SL102 in other areas. Last but not least, topping slabs are often required to be installed once the majority of the concrete works have been completed. This often requires mesh to fit through narrow building entrances or to be lifted to the upper floors of apartments and office blocks.

Substituting the conventional reinforcement of topping slabs with Helix Micro-Rebar solves this difficult concrete application in a number of ways. In the first instance, replacing the specified mesh with Helix Micro-Rebar reduces the costs of its delivery and placement by a minimum of 20%. Secondly, a far superior reinforcement outcome is achieved by increasing the first crack strength and toughness & durability of the section, but more importantly, its shear strength; often in the order of 125% and above. Because Helix Micro-Rebar is a discontinuous concrete reinforcement system, which means that it is spread evenly throughout the concrete matrix of the entire section, it also overcomes the issues of 40mm coverage under AS 3600.

Concrete contractors want to be reassured that the finished topping slab is able to be finished in a variety of ways, from rough to highly burnished. Helix has a proven track record with a brushed finish required for council footpaths, to a highly burnished finish for skate parks. Both examples are typically high traffic public use zones.

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