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Project Name: Bill Robertson Toyota
Industry: Commercial/Industrial

A Helix Micro Rebar Reinforced Topping Slab was placed over existing slabs to create a uniform level floor in a renovated office facility for the Dealership.

This project was challenging due to the varying depth of the Topping Screed required. The use of conventional reinforcing fabric was not possible because no allowance for minimum cover over the mesh to prevent curling of the slab during the drying and setting process was attainable.

Because of the unique characteristics and performance of Helix Micro Rebar the Topping Slab was transformed into a composite thus allowing the finished project to be completed to exacting specifications. There was no curling or cracking of the slab.

The new floor is a large, well-adhered, flat, level and continuous surface, giving this premier retail business an excellently presented, high quality, office floor.