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Project Name: Tomato Farm – Guyra, New South Wales
Industry: Significant Structural Project - Slabs, Footings, Plies, Ring Beams

Helix Micro Rebar was used in footings, pavements, tank slabs, walls, piles, and ring beams for a Tomato Farm in Guyra, New South Wales. Approximately 13,000 m2 of concrete was poured for a heavy-duty pavement with 12kg/m3 of Helix Micro Rebar only. Helix Micro Rebar replaced 2 layers of SL92 mesh and significant time was saved on the slab as there was no need to lay and tie steel.  

There were approximately 300 footings poured with Helix Micro Rebar only which the site manager said saved them “a mountain of time” compared to using conventional reinforcement. They were able to dig the holes and pour with Helix Micro Rebar on the same day. 

Large tank slabs that were 18.5m in diameter were poured with a Helix only dosage of 20kg/m3. Helix Micro Rebar eliminated N16 and N24 bars and the client was able to form the slabs for the tank one day and then pour the next day. The client estimated they saved between 7-10 days by using Helix Micro Rebar instead of conventional reinforcement.