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Project Name: Super A-Mart - Avalon, Victoria
Industry: Commercial/Industrial

The builder contacted Helix Steel Australasia on the recommendation of the concreter. The challenge was that the original design of the warehouse floor called for a post-tensioned slab on compacted fill. This would have been too time consuming and costly.

The post tensioning was replaced with a Helix reinforced, hybrid jointless slab which combined a dosage of Helix Micro Rebar with mesh placed centrally, replacing the two layers of rebar. As the slab is jointless, with no saw cuts and no construction joints, the cost of soff/ saw cuts and caulking was eliminated and the need for maintenance of the slab over time was reduced as well.

After the sub-base was thoroughly compacted and inspected, the waterproof plastic and the mesh were placed in a single day. Finally, there were no visible cracks in the finished slab.