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Project Name: Sound Stage, Gold Coast Queensland
Industry: Commercial/Industrial

The client was building a sound stage that required an internal slab and a large strip footing to support 18m high, 70 tonnes tilt panels. The internal slab was originally specified as 150mm thick with SL82 mesh reinforcement. Helix replaced the mesh with a dosage of 6kg/m3, resulting in a 90% shear strength increase in the slab and improved crack resistance and durability.

The strip footing was specified as 600mm thick and 1600mm wide with 8N16 bars top and bottom plus N12@400 ligs. Helix replaced all conventional reinforcement in the footing with a dosage of 13kg/m3.

Time was of the essence for the client and their schedule was reduced considerably as they simply dug the hole and poured the concrete without worrying about steel fixing. Around two weeks were saved on the footing alone. The builder arrived on site on Wednesday, poured 200m3 of Helix reinforced concrete on Friday and a further 250m3 on Saturday. 450 cubic meters in just 4 days of being on site! This also reduced costs and the resources required to lay the reinforcement (labour, equipment hire etc.)