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Project Name: Packing Shed Crossover & Storage Slab, Tasmania
Industry: Commercial/Industrial

This slab was designed for a hard life with continuous forklift traffic and storage of 1 tonne vegetable bins stacked 3 high providing periodic static point loads. Transitioning between existing slabs with level tiered sections, Helix was dosed at a rate of 9kg/m3 and replaced 2 layers of SL82 mesh. N16 dowels and re-entrant bars were still required.

The deadline was tight due to production demands at the facility and not having to place rebar mesh in a tiered configuration saved valuable time and therefore money for the facility. This is another ‘hostile environment’ slab for which Helix has been used at this processing plant and each project has been an outstanding success for everyone concerned in terms of performance, timeframe and cost. More slabs are planned.