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Project Name: Multi Residential Unit Complex – Townsville, Queensland
Industry: Residential Development - Bored Piers

These bored piers at ‘The Strand’ in Townsville are 6.5m deep and 900mm in diameter. The rebar cage specified was replaced with 18kg/m3 of Helix Micro Rebar and 3N20 bars bundled centrally. Helix Micro Rebar also replaced the rebar in the footings and foundations of this multi-residential unit complex. Some footings were over 1 meter thick. 

The use of Helix Micro Rebar resulted in direct cost savings, less equipment hires (i.e. no machine lifting required for cages) and less exposure to collapsing sidewalls as a result of eliminating the requirement to place the cages. In addition, it led to faster construction time as there was no need to complete the rebar cage, fewer deliveries to the construction site which reduced congestion and costs, and finally, no set-down area was required.