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Project Name: Glenelg Cinema Car Park
Industry: Significant Structural Projects

PT Design Engineers specified the use of Helix in the upper level and ramp of a car park in a popular tourist area of Adelaide. The Helix dosage used was 15kg/m3 as part of a hybrid solution.

There was excellent communication between the Helix Agent and the concrete supplier, pump operator, contractor and the builder which facilitated the seamless completion of this project. One contractor commented that the Helix TSMR had “saved them” when pouring the ramp as it was the steepest ramp he had poured from the top down. The Helix TSMR in the concrete mix had prevented the concrete from sliding even though it was laid at a 90 slump.  He was really amazed at the ease of laying the ramp and impressed with the Helix TSMR all round.