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Project Name: Footpaths - Melton City Council, Victoria
Industry: Local Government - Light Duty Pavement

Helix Micro Rebar has been able to provide a unique solution for this particular footpath. With very limited access, and situated between a public golf course and a protected creek, this footpath posed some real challenges for the council and concreter alike. 

The 1.5m wide footpath was completed in three parts: 125mm thick with 5kg/m3 of Helix Micro Rebar, 110mm thick with 7kg/m3 of Helix Micro Rebar, and 100mm thick with 20kg/m3 of Helix Micro Rebar; all at 25MPa. Tree roots from the well-established trees lining the golf course and significant runoff to a nearby creek contributed to the complexity of this project. All parties involved with the Project were pleased with the final result.