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Duo Apartments - Spencer Street Melbourne
Project Name: Duo Apartments - Spencer Street, Melbourne VIC
Industry: Commercial

The 1400mm thick Raft Footing for this 15-storey apartment development was specified with N32-175 EW TOP & BTM plus N20-200 SIDE FACE and was replaced with 22kg/m3 Helix Micro Rebar and N16-175 EW TOP & BTM. All other details such as Z-bars had to remain as detailed. Another bonus was that the Raft Slab, which had a step in it, could be poured as one in-situ.

The 120mm thick Slab on Ground that was specified with SL82 TOP was replaced with 8kg/m3 Helix.

“We wanted to get the footings into the ground as quickly as possible while saving money at the same time. Helix ticked all the boxes.” – Tass Makrogiannidis – Director, Champion Structures

All the 200mm thick x 1000mm wide Blade Walls over 14 storeys were redesigned with a combination of Helix replacing all the sheer reinforcement and Technikform permanent formwork walls. The Blade Walls were specified with 14-N16 & N12-200 TIES, and were replaced with 20kg/m3 Helix 5-25 TSMR plus 8-N16 VERT. only. No sheer LIGS were required making it a great deal easier and quicker to construct the Blade Walls.

“We could tie the vertical reinforcement to the starter bars of the previous Blade Walls first thing in the morning, lower the Technikform Walls over the 8-N16’s, tie one LIG to the top of the walls to space the vertical reinforcement evenly, and pour the walls in the afternoon. It saved us between 1-2 days to construct the walls for each floor.” – Tass Makrogiannidis – Director, Champion Structures