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Project Name: Cotton Bale Press – Griffith, New South Wales
Industry: Significant Structural Project - Heavy Foundation

This project required a heavy foundation for a cotton bale press machine. The foundation had to be able to handle the heavy 200 tonne load of the press machine and the heavy-duty vehicles regularly accessing the slab. 

Helix Micro Rebar was used in the slabs, retaining walls, foundation, and pedestals. Helix Micro Rebar simplified the construction of the project, resulting in only basic starter bars being used to reinforce the structure in the majority of sections. 100% of the conventional rebar was eliminated in the slabs, and 90% was eliminated in both the foundation and wall sections. This included the removal of N20 bars both top and bottom in a footing that was over 1m deep. Therefore, there was no tricky steel fixing and tying.