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HIA Housing Magazine - Reinforcing Revolution (May 2016)

Reinforcing Revolution – Helix features in HIA Housing magazine (May 2016)

Helix set to cause a revolution in reinforcing writes the HIA

The HIA likened Helix Micro-Rebar to a ‘REINFORCING REVOLUTION’ in its May 2016 issue of their Housing magazine. The article provides a snapshot of the development of this engineered, discontinuous reinforcing system. Helix is a revolution in reinforcing structural concrete with a proven track record in commercial construction and mining. This revolution in reinforcing is now set to provide significant benefits in the residential construction sector.

HIA Housing Magazine - Reinforcing Revolution (May 2016)

A “real game changer”

The article outlines how engineers can specify Helix as a replacement for conventional reinforcing steel in residential construction projects, starting with footings and including slabs and walls, making it a “real game changer”.

Using a smaller volume of steel has a number of benefits for a project, both from an economic and environmental perspective

Revolution in reinforcing and the BCA

The article concludes by illustrating how this revolution in reinforcing complies to the building codes of Australia.

HIA Housing magazine    or    Click here to download the article in full

Residential project examples

Engineers embrace the ‘revolution in reinforcing’

Engineers have specified Helix in a wide array of residential building projects. From pools to footings, slabs on grade to walls, suspended slabs to stairs; there is not a single application where Helix has not replaced the conventional reinforcing to reduce costs and expedite construction timelines.

Contractors find it easy to work with

Contractors appreciate this revolution because they are not spending their time placing reinforcing mesh and rebar. They are also pleasantly surprised how easy it is to place Helix reinforced concrete. This includes a range of finishes, from non-slip to highly burnished.

Builders derive efficiencies

The benefits of adopting Helix designs in their building projects allow builders to:

  • reduce congestion on-site,
  • eliminate reinforcing steel waste,
  • limit the number of costly truck deliveries,
  • increase the green credentials of their projects, and
  • avoid future warranty claims because Helix makes concrete stronger.


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